Best Courses after 12th Arts Stream

Best Courses after 12th Arts Stream | Career Options to Explore

re you a creative person who loves to learn about the different ways people show themselves and their culture? As a student who finished 12th grade in the Arts stream, you have a unique set of skills that can help you get a job that you enjoy.

Many people may not believe that Arts students can do well, but the truth is that those who choose this broad and exciting academic path can choose from many degree courses and careers.

This article will talk about some of the most exciting and satisfying courses that Arts students can take after finishing their 12th arts. These courses will open up a world of possibilities and chances for people who are ready to use their intelligence and creativity.

List of Best Courses Options after 12th Arts

  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Journalist
  • Filmmaker
  • Air Hostess
  • Chef
  • Food Stylist
  • Photographer
  • Web Designing
  • Textile Designing
  • Teacher
  • Social Worker

How Do You Choose Courses after 12th Arts?

What should I do after 12th arts? It is interesting to note that this question is the second most common one that students ask. Choosing the best course after 12th arts can be very difficult, but it is still important to make an informed choice that will set you up for the future.

Given the many choices you have, it is essential to have a clear picture of your interests and career goals before making a final course choice. This article has a list of tips to help you choose the best course after 12th arts once you finish it.

Consider Your Interests

When you finish 12th arts, the first thing you should do to start choosing the best course after that is to identify your hobbies. Think about things that will interest you and figure out what you’re good at. Taking some time to think about your options now will help you narrow them down and choose a course that fits your interests.

Research Best Courses

It is essential to do a lot of study before choosing the best course after 12th arts. You should also look into the different options in your city or state, including the top course structure, syllabus, and possible job paths.

Talking with experienced people or experts in the field can also provide helpful information about the professional course, its business, and career opportunities.

Consider Job Opportunities

When choosing a course, it is essential to consider the number of job opportunities available in that area. Spend some time researching the different jobs available and reading carefully through the job descriptions for the art careers that you have narrowed down.

At the top of your list should be classes that are in high demand in the job market and have good salary potential. This strategic method will help you have a successful career in the long run.

Think about Future Prospects

It’s very important to think about your best plan after the 12 arts you choose. Find out what kinds of opportunities there are for going to graduate school, getting promoted at work, and building a career in the chosen field.

This comprehensive evaluation helps you make an informed decision, allowing you to pick a course that aligns with your overall job goals.

Career Options After 12th Arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Various Specializations

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees let you specialize in a number of areas, which can help you with your job goals and personal interests. Politics, Economics, Sociology, or Languages are some of the topics that students can pick from. This course for first-year college students improves speaking and critical thinking skills, building a solid base for many careers.

One of the eligibility requirements is usually passing 12th Arts. Most BA programs take three years to finish and award a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, people can work in public relations or human resources or study social science more. The best colleges and universities offer BA programs that lead to many job possibilities in fields like education, research, and administration.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) program is an excellent option for those who want to improve their creativity and learn more about the visual arts after their art schooling. This undergraduate course focuses on various forms of art, including painting, sculpture, and graphic design, as well as nurturing ability and enhancing artistic methods.

Students learn a lot about art history and theory, and through projects and workshops, they improve their use of what they’ve learned. People who finish BFA programs often go on to work as skilled artists, illustrators, graphic designers, or art teachers. The course usually lasts between three and four years, and it includes lessons that encourage creative and critical thinking.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA.)

People want to get a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which is an undergraduate degree that teaches students the basics of business and management. This class covers many areas of running a business, such as accounting, marketing, hiring employees, and starting your own business. It focuses on improving communication and critical thinking skills that are necessary for a successful job in the business world.

In order to be eligible for a BBA, students usually need to have passed their 12th board tests. A BBA can help you get a lot of different jobs in areas like human resources, project management, data entry, and more. Graduates can look for jobs in operations, marketing, and finance in a number of different fields.

Integrated Law Course (BA + LLB.)

Students in the 12th grade can uniquely get into the law field through the Integrated Law Course (BA + LLB). This program gives students a complete understanding of both fields by combining a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Legislative Law.

To be eligible for this study, you should have a certain number of points in your 12th board exams. The course lasts for five years on average and includes both classroom and hands-on work. People who have graduated from law school can use their wide range of legal skills to get jobs in law firms, corporations, or courts.

Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in Fashion/Interior Design

They are getting a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in fashion or interior design after 12th grade, which opens up a world of new ideas for people who love art and creation. This first-year course combines artistic talent with technical know-how so that students can do well in the fast-paced fields of interior design and fashion design. Students learn to appreciate details and how things are put together by focusing on combining style and function.

Criteria for eligibility change, but one of them is a minimum overall score in arts in 12th grade. Start this trip to show off your design skills and find your place in the competitive but rewarding fashion and interior design fields.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC.)

Bachelor of Writing and Mass Communication (BJMC) degrees can lead to a wide range of jobs in public relations, writing, digital media, and other fields. This undergraduate course, which usually lasts three years, hones communication skills, critical thinking, and creativity essential for media professionals. It prepares students to do well in the fast-paced media business.

After graduating, people can work as reporters, media planners, content creators, or public relations specialists. To get into BJMC at top universities, you should get at least a passing grade on your 12th board tests. In the world of media, which is constantly changing, this program opens up new and exciting paths.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM.)

People who are really interested in the hospitality business want to take the Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) study. This program teaches students how to run a hotel, manage food and drinks, and deal with guests. It gives them the skills they need for a variety of jobs in the hotel industry. BHM knows everything there is to know about the industry, from managing the front desk to overseeing cleaning.

Students learn how to plan events, deal with customers, and make money, which prepares them for constantly changing job opportunities in the hotel and tourism industries. This first-year study focuses on hands-on learning to ensure that graduates are ready for the exciting and rewarding world of hotel management.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW.)

After finishing your 12th arts, getting a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) can lead to many job opportunities in social aid and community outreach. This course for first-year college students goes into great detail about the social sciences, helping you learn more about how people behave and how societies work.

The curriculum gives you the communication, critical thought, and empathy skills you need to deal with a range of social problems. A BSW program covers topics like social welfare policies, human development, and research methods, preparing you for roles in social services, nonprofit organizations, or community development projects.

Pursuing a BSW offers a fulfilling career path focused on making a positive impact on individuals and communities.

Bachelor of Event Management

A Bachelor of Event Management offers a comprehensive insight into the planning and execution of diverse events. This class covers event planning, logistics, marketing, and budgets, giving students a complete picture of the business.

Students learn how to run events like weddings, concerts, conferences, and business meetings with style. Graduates get the hands-on experience they need for a successful job in event management through internships and projects.

The curriculum emphasizes creativity, communication skills, and attention to detail, preparing students for the dynamic world of event planning and execution. Graduates can look for work at event planning companies, in professional settings, or the hospitality industry. They can also start their event management businesses.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an essential course for people who want to become teachers. It’s mostly about pedagogy, educational psychology, and how to teach. This Bachelor’s program improves teaching skills and makes you eligible for jobs as a teacher in schools.

B.Ed. Typical course topics include educational review and assessment methods, educational technology, and ways to run a classroom. Getting a B.Ed. It opens up avenues in the education sector, offering a fulfilling career as a teacher or educator.

B.Ed. Programs last for different amounts of time, but when they’re over, they usually give graduates the skills they need to do well in the field of education. Consider B.Ed. for a rewarding journey in shaping young minds.

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.)

The Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) provides a unique mix of academic and practical skills needed to work as a physical educator. The main topics of this first-year college study are sports science, fitness training, and sports management.

After graduating, people can work as trainers, coaches, or sports instructors in schools, colleges, or sports clubs. Depending on the university’s course requirements, the course lasts, on average, three to four years.

A background in physical education or sports is often required, which shows how important it is to really love fitness and sports. With a B.P.Ed., you can work as a sports administrator, a sports journalist, or even start your own business in the sports industry.

Bachelor of Performing Arts

The Bachelor of Performing Arts program lets students learn a lot about dance, music, theatre, and other performance arts. This undergraduate course focuses on enhancing your creative and artistic skills, preparing you for a career in the entertainment industry.

Students delve into practical training, theory, and performing chances to hone their talents. This degree equips you with the necessary skills to excel as a performer or work behind the scenes in production and direction roles. Pursuing a Bachelor of Performing Arts opens doors to a dynamic and vibrant career path in the world of arts and entertainment.

Diploma Courses After 12th Arts Stream

To improve your skills, take diploma and certificate courses that discuss certain topics in more detail. To become artistic, you might want to get a diploma in graphic design or digital marketing. If you want to get started in the exciting world of pictures, look into getting a Diploma in Animation and Multimedia. Getting a Certificate in Foreign Languages will make you more flexible and open up doors to opportunities around the world.

Get better at being a host with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. These shorter programs can help you improve your skills in a way that will make you stand out in the job market and improve your work prospects. With these targeted classes, you can improve your skills quickly and strategically.

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a fast-paced area where technology and creativity come together. A diploma in graphic design teaches you a lot about design concepts, software tools, and ways to communicate visually. Students learn how to edit photos, use fonts, and make layouts in this class.

Getting a diploma in graphic design can help you get jobs as a web designer, multimedia artist, or graphic designer. This qualification also makes it easier to get a job at marketing companies, advertising agencies, and design studios.

Getting a diploma in graphic design lets you enter a world where imagination and new ideas come together. In many fields, the need for skilled graphic artists keeps growing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

In this modern world, having a Diploma in Modern Marketing can help you get a lot of different jobs. Students who take this class learn skills that employers want, such as statistics, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Graduates can do well in jobs like digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, or social media managers if they know how people behave and what trends are happening in the market.

The course lasts anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the school. Internships and practical training are essential parts of this program because they give students real-world experience.

Gaining a Diploma in Digital Marketing can help you build a rewarding career with good job chances in many fields.

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia

They learn how to be creative with computers by getting a diploma in animation and video. People who take this class will learn the skills they need for jobs in animation, games, and visual effects. Students learn essential skills for making interesting visual content by focusing on program skills and artistic expression.

Motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, and multimedia production are often part of the program. People who finish this program can work as animators, multimedia artists, or video game programmers. A diploma in animation and multimedia opens doors to a dynamic business constantly seeking innovative talent.

Certificate in Foreign Languages

One often overlooked yet precious addition to your skill set could be getting a certificate in foreign languages. As the world becomes more connected, being able to speak more than one language can help you in many ways, especially in areas like tourism, foreign relations, and translation services.

Learning a language like Spanish, French, Mandarin, or Arabic will not only look good on your resume but also show that you are flexible and aware of other cultures. A certification in a foreign language can also significantly improve your job prospects because more and more businesses need people who can speak more than one language.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

With a diploma in hospitality management, you can start a rewarding journey where you can learn more about the hospitality business. You will learn the skills you need to do well in hotel management, event planning, and other similar fields in this course. You can get ready for a fast-paced job in the growing hospitality industry by focusing on things like customer service, event planning, and running a hotel.

This diploma program gives students a mix of academic knowledge and hands-on experience that can help them get jobs in hotels, resorts, event management companies, and other places. Getting a diploma in hotel management can help you get a better job.

The Road to Government Jobs After 12th for Arts Students 

There are a lot of tests you can take to get a job with the government if you have a BA in the arts from high school. The UPSC gives the IAS/IPS exam, the SSC provides the CHSL with the exam, and the Defence Services gives the NDA/CDS exam. It would help if you studied for these tests. You will get an excellent job in the government if you pass each test with hard work and a particular set of skills.

Get into important government jobs and make a big change in the world. Plan and do your best. You should really study for these tests because they will help you get a job in the government that you like. If you want to be successful, keep your mind on your goals and don’t give up.

Preparation for UPSC (IAS/IPS)

You need to get your 12th-arts degree to prepare for the UPSC (IAS/IPS). A Bachelor’s degree is usually the first thing people do when they want to take the Civil Services Examination. To get started, learn about things like history, politics, or running the government.

The logical and critical thinking skills that are important for the UPSC syllabus are often found in people with backgrounds in the arts. You should join a coaching school that specializes in UPSC test preparation to improve your chances of passing. You have to be committed and persistent and keep working hard if you want to pass the challenging UPSC recruitment.

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam

After Class 12 in Arts, Students can take the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam to get jobs with the government. This test can help you get many jobs, such as Data Entry Operator (DEO), Lower Division Clerk (LDC), postal assistant, Sorting Assistant, and more.

People who want to apply for CHSL must have passed their 12th board exams. The test measures general intelligence, English language skills, math skills, and general knowledge.

If you pass the CHSL test, you can get a stable job with room for growth in the government. Work hard to do well on the CHSL test and start your government job search.

Defence Services Examinations (NDA/CDS)

To get a job in the military, you can take tests for defense services like NDA (National Defence Academy) or CDS (Combined Defence Services) after 12th Arts. These tests check how much candidates know about English, maths, and general information. If you pass the NDA/CDS tests, you can get high-level jobs in the Indian Armed Forces.

People who join these programs undergo strict training and schooling that prepares them to lead and make choices in the defense sector. Specific requirements for people who want to take these tests include being a certain age and having a certain amount of schooling.

Navigating the Creative Arts and Media Industry

Learning how to work in the media and artistic arts opens up jobs in advertising, film, TV, journalism, and other fields. It opens up a lot of job possibilities, from marketing strategist to film director. If you have a background in the arts, it can be fun to look for work in advertising, film creation, or journalism.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in visual arts or social media can build a strong base. Communication skills are essential in this area for making connections and getting your point across clearly.

Because the business requires creativity, critical thinking, and flexibility, it’s perfect for creative people who want to work in a fast-paced environment. Taking professional classes in graphic design or media studies can help you become more proficient in this exciting field.

Careers in Advertising and Marketing

Ad and marketing are constantly changing fields that offer jobs that require creativity and smart thinking. People in this field use their communication, artistic, and data-analysis skills to create campaigns that impact their target groups. Arts grads can do many different jobs, from copywriting and graphic design to market research and brand management.

Advertising firms, corporate marketing departments, and media groups are all places where you can find work. To be successful in this field, which is constantly changing, you need to be able to communicate clearly, be creative, and be able to change. You also need to be able to think outside the box in order to create compelling brand stories.

Opportunities in Film and Television

There are many great opportunities for art students in the world of film and TV. The business is booming, with many different jobs, from acting to directing to writing scripts to making movies. If you want to work in this area, taking classes in media studies or film production can help you get started.

To get into the harsh world of entertainment, you need to do internships and network. To be successful, you need to be able to communicate clearly and have a good eye for telling stories visually. Students of the arts can find satisfying jobs in this fast-paced and always-changing field if they work hard and are passionate about what they do. There are many chances for people who are willing to take them.

Journalism and Media Studies

Journalism and media studies can lead to many different jobs for arts majors. Communication and critical thinking are essential in these areas. Students learn a lot about creative arts, public relations, and technology. People who are taking a course in media can look into jobs as reporters, editors, or news anchors.

Media studies look at a lot of different types of media, like movies, TV, and internet media. Graduates can work in many fields, such as advertising, writing material, and managing social media. In today’s fast-paced media world, knowing how mass communication works can lead to exciting jobs.


Can Arts stream students appear for Engineering or Medical entrance exams?

Arts stream students can’t take entrance tests for engineering or medicine.

What are some high-paying jobs for Arts graduates?

Art directors, graphic designers, public relations specialists, market research analysts, and multimedia artists are all well-paying jobs for people with degrees in the arts. People with a background in the arts can find great jobs in these fields.

How can an Arts student build a career in technology?

Arts students can get jobs in technology by taking courses that lead to diplomas in web development, graphic design, or digital marketing. Explore areas like UI/UX design and content creation to find tech-based job opportunities after graduating from art school.

How to Choose the Right Course after 12th Arts?

Look into different job choices based on your skills and interests. Think about things like job possibilities, salary, and growth in the future. Talk to career counselors, go to workshops, and look into internships to learn more about different areas to find the best career options after 12th Arts. Figure out what to do and make sure it fits with your long-term goals and interests.

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