PMKVY Free Courses List 2023 – Find Future Jobe Role with Correct Skill Development Course

In 2015, the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana started. Through PMKVY scheme, citizens of the country are taught skills that will help them get jobs. After implementing this plan and working well, PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2.0 was started. It ran from 2016 to 2020. The government has started the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 3.0, a new version of the old plan. Around 8 lakh young people would gain from this project. The training people get through this program will help the country grow and progress and give them different training.

During the Budget 2023-2024, the government said it would start Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0 to train and skill lakhs of young people over the next three years. The program will focus on on-the-job training, industry, partnerships, and aligning classes with the industry’s needs. The program will include new courses for Industry 4.0, such as coding, AI, robots, mechatronics, IOT, 3D printing, drones, and soft skills. The government will also set up 30 Skill India International Centres in different states.

PMKVY Free Courses List 2023

The Indian government started the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), which trains people in skills. Under the PMKVY 2.0 program, Indian citizens can get free education and training to improve their skills. Under the PMKVY 2.0 plan, this training will be given at authorized training centres in different industries. Here is a complete PMKVY course list of all the different industries and classes in the PMKVY 2.0 scheme.


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Agriculture Extension ExecutiveGR/Q76026
Agriculture Extension Service ProviderAGR/Q76014
Animal Health WorkerAGR/Q48043
Artificial Insemination TechnicianAGR/Q48033
Bamboo GrowerAGR/Q61014
Banana FarmerAGR/Q02014
Bee KeeperAGR/Q53013
Broiler Farm WorkerAGR/Q43023
Chillies CultivatorAGR/Q09014
Citrus Fruit GrowerAGR/Q03034
Coffee Plantation WorkerAGR/Q08012
Community Service ProviderAGR/Q76034
Cotton CultivatorAGR/Q02024
Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur Level 4AGR/Q05024
Dairy WorkerAGR/Q05012
Floriculturist (Open Cultivation)AGR/Q06014
Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) Level 4AGR/Q02054
Floriculturist-Protected cultivationAGR/Q02064
Friends of Coconut TreeAGR/Q05043
Green House FitterAGR/Q03024
Harvesting Machine Operator Level 4AGR/Q10024
Hatchery Production Worker – FisheryAGR/Q49015
Mango GrowerAGR/Q03024
Marine Capture FishermanAGR/Q50014
Micro Irrigation TechnicianAGR /Q75024
Neera TechnicianAGR/Q05053
Organic grower Level 4AGR/Q12014
Paddy Farmer Level 4AGR/Q01014
Quality Seed GrowerAGR/Q71014
Seed Processing WorkerAGR/Q71023
Shrimp FarmerAGR/Q49024
Solanaceous Crop CultivatorAGR/Q06024
Solar Pump TechnicianAGR/Q67014
Soybean CultivatorAGR/Q01034
Sugarcane Cultivator Level 4AGR/Q02034
Supply Chain Field AssistantAGR/Q78014
Tea Plantation WorkerAGR/Q02042
Tractor operatorAGR/Q04014
Tuber Crop CultivatorAGR/Q05034
Warehouse WorkerAGR/Q78023
Wheat Cultivator Level 4AGR/Q01024

Apparel, Made-ups & Home Furnishing

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Advance Pattern Maker (CAD-CAM) Level 5AMH/Q11016
Assistant Designer- Home FurnishingAMH/Q12204
Assistant Designer- Made-upsAMH/Q12304
Assistant Fashion DesignerAMH/Q12104
Boutique ManagerAMH/Q19107
Cutting SupervisorAMH/Q06105
Embroidery Machine Operator Level 4AMH/Q08014
Export AssistantAMH/Q16014
Export Executive Level 5AMH/Q16025
Export Manager Level 6AMH/Q16036
Fabric CheckerAMH/Q01014
Fabric CutterAMH/Q15104
Factory Compliance AuditorAMH/Q22016
Fashion Designer Level 5AMH/Q12015
Framer-Computerized Embroidery Machine Level 4AMH/Q13014
Garment Cutter-CAMAMH/Q15014
Hand Embroiderer (Addawala)AMH/Q10103
Industrial Engineer (IE) ExecutiveAMH/Q20016
Inline CheckerAMH/Q0102NIL3
Layer ManAMH/Q0201NIL3
Line Supervisor StitchingAMH/Q06015
Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Sewing Machine) Level 5AMH/Q19015
Measurement CheckerAMH/Q0103NIL4
Merchandiser – Made-ups & Home FurnishingAMH/Q09115
Merchandiser Level 5AMH/Q09015
Online Sample DesignerAMH/Q12157
Pattern MasterAMH/Q11055
Processing Supervisor -Dyeing and PrintingAMH/Q06155
Production Supervisor (Sewing)AMH/Q21015
Q C Executive-Sewing LineAMH/Q14015
Quality AssessorAMH/Q17014
Record KeeperAMH/Q19204
Sampling Coordinator Level 5AMH/Q18015
Sampling TailorAMH/Q07014
Self Employed Woman-TailoringAMH/Q19474
Sewing Machine OperatorAMH/Q03014
Sewing Machine Operator- KnitsAMH/Q03054
Sourcing ManagerAMH/Q09207
Specialized Sewing Machine OperatorAMH/Q23014
Store KeeperAMH/Q05013
Washing Machine OperatorAMH/Q18104


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Accessory Fitter Level 4ASC/Q11024
Auto Body Technician Level 3ASC/Q14103
Auto Body Technician Level 4ASC/Q14054
Auto Component Assembly FitterASC/Q37014
Automotive Service Technician Level 3ASC/Q14013
Automotive Service Technician Level 4ASC/Q14024
Automotive Body Painting Technician Level 3ASC/Q33033
Automotive Electrician Level 4ASC/Q14084
Automotive Painting Technician Level 4ASC/Q33044
Automotive Paint Shop AssistantASC/Q33022
Automotive Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers) Level 4ASC/Q14114
Casting Technician Level 3ASC/Q32023
Casting Technician- Sand MouldingASC/Q32054
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L4ASC/Q35034
Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4ASC/Q97034
Customer Relation Executive Level 4ASC/Q11064
Customer Relationship ManagerASC/Q11047
Driving Assistant Level 2ASC/Q97012
Executive Proto ManufacturingASC/Q65014
Forging OperatorASC/Q45014
Foundry Assistant/ Casting AssistantASC/Q32012
Fuel Service Dispensing Attendant Level 2ASC/Q96042
Home Installer/Home Delivery ManagerASC/Q10066
Lathe OperatorASC/Q19014
Light Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 3ASC/Q97043
LMV Driver Level 3ASC/Q97023
Loading and Unloading Executive Level 1ASC/Q61011
Loading and Unloading Operator/Loader Level 2ASC/Q61012
Machining Assistant Level 2ASC/Q35022
Maintenance Technician- Service WorkshopASC/Q16014
Packing Executive/Packing Assistant/PackerASC/Q61022
Parts Picker Level 3ASC/Q61033
Plastic Moulding Operator/TechnicianASC4
Plastic Moulding SupervisorASC/Q44034
Plastic Moulding Technician Level 4ASC/Q44014
Press Shop helperASC/Q34012
Press Shop Operator Level 4ASC/Q34024
PUC AttendantASC/Q96012
QC Inspector Level 3ASC/Q63013
Repair – WelderASC/Q19024
Repair Painter- Auto body L 3ASC/Q14073
Repair Painter Auto body L4ASC/Q14064
Sales Consultant (Automotive Finance)ASC/Q20014
Sales consultant (Institutional Sales)ASC/Q10056
Sales Consultant Level 4ASC/Q10014
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services)ASC/Q10044
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services) Level 4ASC/Q10044
Sales Officer (Auto Components)ASC/Q17014
Service AdvisorASC/Q16026
Service Technician 2 Wheeler Level 4ASC/Q14114
Showroom Hostess Level 3ASC/Q11033
Spare Parts Operations Executive Level 3ASC/Q15013
Taxi Driver Level 4ASC/Q97054
Tele callerASC/Q11054
Tyre Inflation AttendantASC/Q96032
Vehicle Assembly Fitter/ TechnicianASC/Q36014
Vehicle test DriverASC/Q84025
Warranty Processor Level 4ASC/Q16034
Washer Level 2ASC/Q11012
Welding AssistantASC/Q31012
Welding SupervisorASC/Q31045
Welding Technician Level 3ASC/Q31023
Welding Technician Level 4ASC/Q31034

Beauty & Wellness

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant BeauticianBWS/Q01013
Assistant Beauty/Wellness ConsultantBWS/Q40013
Assistant Hair StylistBWS/Q02013
Assistant Nail TechnicianBWS/Q04013
Assistant Spa TherapistBWS/Q10013
Beauty TherapistBWS/Q01024
Hair StylistBWS/Q02024
Pedicurist & ManicuristBWS/Q01023


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Accounts Executive – Accounts Payable and ReceivableBSC/Q09014
Accounts Executive – PayrollBSC/Q12014
Accounts Executive – Recording and ReportingBSC/Q10014
Accounts Executive – Statutory ComplianceBSC/Q11014
Business Correspondent & Business FacilitatorBSC/Q03013
Debt Recovery AgentBSC/Q07014
Equity Dealer Level 4Q02014
Life Insurance AgentBSC/Q01014
Loan Approval Officer Level 4Q04014
Mutual Fund AgentQ06014

Capital Goods

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02022
CNC Operator – Grinding Machine Centre Level 3CSC/Q01173
CNC Operator – TurningCSC/Q01153
CNC Operator – Vertical Machining CentreCSC/Q01163
CNC ProgrammerCSC/Q04014
CNC Setter cum operator – TurningCSC/Q01204
Draughtsman – PipingCSC/Q05094
Fitter – Electrical and Electronic Assembly Level 3CSC/Q03053
Fitter – FabricationCSC/Q03032
Fitter Electrical and Electronic AssemblyCSC/Q03053
Fitter Mechanical AssemblyCSC/Q0304
Flux cored arc welder (Semi-Automatic)CSC/Q02053
Grinder – Hand and hand-held power toolsCSC/Q03022
Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02043
Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding Level 3CSC/Q04013
Metal Inert Gas / Gas Metal Arc Welder (MIG/GMAW)CSC/Q02094
Operator – Boring MachineCSC/Q01072
Operator – Conventional MillingCSC/Q01082
Operator – Conventional Surface Grinding MachinesCSC/Q01092
Operator – Conventional TurningCSC/Q01102
Production EngineerCSC/Q12015
Senior Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02084
Sheet Metal Worker – Hand Tools and Manually Operated MachinesCSC/Q03012
Tool and Die Maker Level 4CSC/Q01044
Tungsten Inert Gas Welder Level 5CSC/Q02135


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Bar Bender & Fixer Level 2CON/Q02022
Assistant Electrician-Level 3CON/Q06023
Assistant Laboratory & Field Technician Level 2CON/Q04022
Assistant Mason Level 2CON/Q01022
Assistant Painter & Decorator Level 2CON/Q05022
Assistant Scaffolder Level 2CON/Q03032
Assistant Shuttering CarpenterCON/Q03022
Bar Bender and Steel FixerCON/Q02033
Carpenter SystemCON/Q03043
Helper Bar Bender & Fixer Level 1CON/Q02011
Helper Carpenter Shuttering & Scaffolding Level 1CON/Q/03011
Helper ElectricianCON/Q06011
Helper Laboratory & Field Technician Level 1CON/Q04011
Helper MasonCON/Q01011
Helper Painter & Decorator Level 1CON/Q05011
Mason Concrete Level 3CON/Q01053
Mason General Level 3CON/Q01033
Mason Marble Granite and StoneCON/Q01064
Mason Tiling Level 3CON/Q01043
Reinforcement FitterCON/Q02044


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Access Controls Installation TechnicianELE/Q46084
CCTV Installation TechnicianELE/Q46054
DAS Set Top Box Installation & Service TechnicianELE/Q81014
Field Engineer TVELE/Q31084
Field Engineer-RACW Level 5ELE/Q31055
Field Technician Air Conditioner Level 4ELE/Q31024
Field Technician Computing and Peripherals Level 4ELE/Q46014
Field Technician-Networking and StorageELE/Q46064
Field Technician-UPS and InverterELE/Q72014
Installation Technician (Computing & Peripherals)ELE/Q46094
LED Light Repair TechnicianELE/Q93024
Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianELE/Q81044
Module Assembly TechnicianELE/Q58014
Module Soldering OperatorELE/Q58024
Pick & Place Operator Level 4ELEQ/51024
Purchase ExecutiveELE/Q57015
PV System Maintenance TechnicianELE/Q60014
Sales ExecutiveELE/Q56015
Service EngineerELE/Q46075
Solar Panel Installation TechnicianELE/Q59014
Solar PV System Installation EngineerELE/Q59025
Wireman Control PanelELE/Q73023

Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Lab Technician – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070064
Baking TechnicianFIC/Q50054
Baking Technician/Operative Level 4FIC/Q30054
Butter and Ghee Processing OperatorFIC/Q20034
Cold Storage TechnicianFIC/Q70044
Craft BakerFIC/Q 50024
Craft Baker Level 4FIC/Q30024
Dairy Processing Equipment OperatorFIC/ Q20024
Fish and Sea Food Processing TechnicianFIC/Q40014
Fruit Pulp Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01064
Fruit Ripening TechnicianFIC/Q01044
Fruits and Vegetables Canning TechnicianFIC/Q01074
Fruits and Vegetables Drying/ Dehydration TechnicianFIC/Q01054
Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-ChargeFIC/Q01083
Grain Mill OperatorFIC/Q10034
Ice Cream Processing TechnicianFIC/ Q20044
Jam Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01034
Mixing TechnicianFIC/ Q50044
Mixing Technician Level 4FIC/Q30044
Pickle Making TechnicianFIC/Q01024
Plant Biscuit Production SpecialistFIC/Q50034
Plant Biscuit Production Specialist Level 4FIC/Q30034
Pulse Processing TechnicianFIC/Q10044
Purchase Assistant – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070054
Squash and Juice Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01014

Furniture & Fittings

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Carpenter Wooden Furniture2
Carpenter Wooden Furniture4
Fitter- Modular Furniture4
Lock Technician4

Gem and Jewellery

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Cast & Diamonds-set Jewellery Manufacturing CAD Designer Level 4G&J/Q23034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – CAD DesignerG&J/Q23034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Casting Machine OperatorG&J/Q28014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Filer and AssemblerG&J/Q29013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Casting Machine OperatorG&J/Q28014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Filer and AssemblerG&J/Q29013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Hand sketch Designer (Basic)G&J/Q23033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Jewellery PolisherG&J/Q30013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Merchandiser DesignG&J/Q23026
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Metal Setter (Basic)G&J/Q31033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – PlaterG&J/Q32014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Rubber Mould MakerG&J/Q26034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Piece MakerG&J/Q26024
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Setter (Basic)G&J/Q27033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Tree MakerG&J/Q26013
Diamond Processing – Bottom PolisherG&J/Q47033
Diamond Processing – Polished Grader and Assorter (Advanced)G&J/Q49024
Diamond Processing – Polished Grader and Assorter (Basic)G&J/Q49093
Diamond Processing Bottom Polisher Level 3G&J/Q47033
Gemstone Processing – Facet MakerG&J/Q67073
Gemstone Processing – Final Shaper and CalibratorG&J/Q66034
Gemstone Processing – PolisherG&J/Q67073
Gemstone Processing – PreshaperG&J/Q66023
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Goldsmith – ComponentsG&J/Q06063
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Goldsmith – FrameG&J/Q06064
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Polisher and CleanerG&J/Q07013
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – SetterG&J/Q08023
Jewellery Retail – Appraiser and ValuerG&J/Q85025
Jewellery Retail – Floor ManagerG&J/Q83045
Jewellery Retail – Jewellery Retail Sales Associate (Advanced)G&J/Q83035
Jewellery Retail – Jewellery Retail Sales Associate (Basic)G&J/Q83034
Jewellery Retail – Store ManagerG&J/Q82026

Handicrafts and Carpet

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Abrasion Machine OperatorHCS/Q23034
Acid CleanerHCS/Q30014
Agarbatti PackerHCS/Q80023
Agarbatti Perfume ApplicatorHCS/Q80013
Automatic Machine Rolled Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79034
Automatic Stick-Making M/C OperatorHCS/Q78034
Ball Maker / Ball CoolerHCS/Q22023
Bamboo Artwork MakerHCS/Q87073
Bamboo Basket MakerHCS/Q87043
Bamboo Mat WeaverHCS/Q87023
Bamboo Processor and DyerHCS/Q87014
Bamboo Utility Handicraft AssemblerHCS/Q87053
Bamboo Utility Product TailorHCS/Q87063
Brushing OperatorHCS/Q45024
Carpet Final InspectorHCS/Q56015
Carving ArtisanHCS/Q15023
Casting OperatorHCS/Q28014
Casting Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q06014
Clipper & EmbosserHCS/Q54044
Color Cut & Carpet repairer (Rang Katawaala)HCS/Q54053
Colour Mixing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q08013
Computer DesignerHCS/Q52025
Crochet Lace Maker- AccessoriesHCS/Q77023
Crochet Lace Maker- ApparelHCS/Q77033
Crochet Lace Maker- FurnishingsHCS/Q77013
Crochet Lace TailorHCS/Q77053
Cutting operatorHCS/Q23014
Design Marker / SupervisorHCS/Q15015
Designer & SketcherHCS/Q52014
Drill Machine OperatorHCS/Q15034
Embossing ArtisanHCS/Q29014
Engobing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q07013
Embossing ArtisanHCS/Q29014
Engobing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q07013
Engraving ArtisanHCS/Q29024
Etching Machine OperatorHCS/Q24024
Filing ArtisanHCS/Q29073
Final Product Maker QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q11023
Floor supervisor (Ceramics)HCS/Q01015
Furnace OperatorHCS/Q21014
Furnace Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q09014
Glazing operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q08033
Hammering ArtisanHCS/Q29082
Hand Rolled Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79013
Handloom Weaver (Carpets)HCS/Q54123
Handmade Bamboo Agarbatti Stick MakerHCS/Q78013
Handmade Bamboo Stick MakerHCS/Q87033
Inlay ArtisanHCS/Q29034
Inlay Artisan (Stoneware)HCS/Q15043
Inspection OperatorHCS/Q32014
Jigger operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q05013
Lab Assistant (Ceramics)HCS/Q10024
Latexing ManHCS/Q54024
Layer Oven OperatorHCS/Q21024
Loom supervisor- Knotted CarpetsHCS/Q54105
Master Crochet Lace MakerHCS/Q77044
Mixing Machine OperatorHCS/Q20014
Mixing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q03013
Modeller (Ceramics)HCS/Q02014
Moulder (Ceramics)HCS/Q04013
Paper Mache Art DesignerHCS/Q45064
Paper Mache Art PromoterHCS/Q46016
Pedal-operated M/C Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79023
Piercer & MatcherHCS/Q54064
Press ManHCS/Q22014
Quality Check Technician (Ceramics)HCS/Q10014
Quality Checker (Stoneware)HCS/Q16014
Quality Checker QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q12014
Quality SupervisorHCS/Q55015
Rubbing OperatorHCS/Q45034
Sakhta – KharadiHCS/Q44034
Sakhta – Paper PulpHCS/Q44014
Semi-Mechanized Bamboo Stick MakerHCS/Q78023
Shade SupervisorHCS/Q52034
Shade WriterHCS/Q52043
Sieving Artisan (Ceramics)HCS/Q07023
Silver Coating TechnicianHCS/Q24014
Sketching and Painting Artisan (Ceramics)HCS/Q08024
Stamping OperatorHCS/Q28024
Stone Cutter (Cutting Machine Operator)HCS/Q14023
Stone Grinder (Grinding Machine Operator)HCS/Q14033
Stringing Artisan QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q11012
Threading / Drilling OperatorHCS/Q29064
Tufted Weaving SupervisorHCS/Q54115
Tufting Gun MasterHCS/Q54094
Turner (Stoneware)HCS/Q14043
Yarn OpenerHCS/Q50013


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Blood Bank Technician Level 4HSS/Q28014
Cardiac Care Technician Level 4HSS/Q01014
Dental AssistantHSS/Q24014
Diabetes Educator Level 4HSS/Q87014
Dialysis Technician Level 4HSS/Q27014
Diet AssistantHSS/Q52014
Emergency Medical Technician – AdvancedHSS/Q23025
Emergency Medical Technician-BasicHSS/Q23014
GDA ( General Duty Assistant) Level 4HSS/Q51014
Histotechnician Level 5HSS/Q04015
Home Health Aide Level 4HSS/Q51024
Medical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment)HSS/Q56013
Medical Laboratory TechnicianHSS/Q03014
Medical Records & health Information TechnicianHSS/Q55014
Pharmacy AssistantHSS/Q54014
Phlebotomy TechnicianHSS/Q05013
Radiology Technician Level 4HSS/Q02014
Refractionist Level 4HSS/Q30024
Vision Technician Level 4HSS/Q30014

Indian Iron and Steel

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Battery Anchorage RegulatorISC/Q02024
Bearing MaintenanceISC/Q00173
Belt Conveyor MaintenanceISC/Q08123
Cast House Junior OperatorISC/Q04062
Cast House Senior OperatorISC/Q04074
Coil Packaging Operator Rolling MillsISC/Q06023
Conveyor Operation and MaintenanceISC/Q09023
EOT – Overhead Crane OperatorISC / Q09013
EOT/ Overhead Crane OperatorISC/Q09013
Fitter: Hydraulic & Pneumatic SystemISC/Q09034
Fitter: Levelling Alignment BalancingISC/Q08143
Fitter Electrical AssemblyISC/Q10013
Fitter Maintenance: Ferro AlloysISC/Q55013
Fluid Management Operator Rolling MillsISC/Q06034
Heating RegulatorISC/Q02034
House Keeping with Mechanised EquipmentISC/Q04082
Iron & Steel – Dumper OperatorISC/Q00033
Iron & Steel – Excavator OperatorISC/Q00043
Iron & Steel – Fitter – InstrumentationISC/Q11023
Iron & Steel – Fitter Electrical AssemblyISC/Q10013
Iron & Steel – Fitter Electronic AssemblyISC/Q11013
Iron & Steel – MachinistISC/Q08023
Iron & Steel – Plasma Cutter – ManualISC/Q08064
Iron & Steel – Tungsten Inert Gas Welder (GTAW)ISC/Q08074
Laboratory Technician – Physical AnalysisISC/Q08013
Locomotive DriverISC/Q00064
Manual Packaging & Marking OperationsISC/Q07042
Marker and Signage PainterISC/Q09132
Mobile equipment MaintenanceISC/Q08153
Mobile Equipment OperatorISC/Q00153
Refractory Bricks LayerISC/Q12013
Reversing System MaintenanceISC/Q02042
Rigger: Rigging of Heavy MaterialISC/Q08173
Screen & Crusher Operator Level 3ISC/Q01023
Stacker / Reclaimer OperatorISC/Q01043
Stoking Car Operator3
Technician Furnace Transformer: Ferro AlloysISC/Q11034
Utility HandISC/Q04101

Indian Plumbing

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Plumber (General)PSC/Q01043
Plumber (General) – IIPSC/Q01104
Plumber General Assistant Level 2PSC/Q01022
Plumber General Helper Level 1PSC/Q01011
Plumber General Level 3PSC/Q01043
Plumbing Products Sales Assistant Level 2PSC/Q03033
Plumbing Products Sales Assistant Level 2PSC/Q03012
Plumbing Products Sales Officer Level 3PSC/Q03023

Infrastructure Equipment

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Backhoe Loader OperatorIES/Q02014
Compactor Operator Level 4IES/Q01064
Concrete Pump OperatorIES/Q01074
Crawler Crane OperatorIES/Q01104
Excavator OperatorIES/Q01034
Hydra Crane OperatorIES/Q01084
Junior Backhoe OperatorIES/Q02023
Junior Excavator OperatorIES/Q01044
Junior Mechanic (Electrical /Electronics /Instrumentation)IES/Q11063
Junior Mechanic (Engine)IES/Q11024
Junior Mechanic (Hydraulic)IES/Q11043
Junior Operator CraneIES/Q01114
Mechanic (Electrical /Electronics /Instrumentation)IES/Q11055
Mechanic (Hydraulic)IES/Q11034
Mechanic (Engine)IES/Q11015
Supervisor (Plant & Machinery)IES/Q01017
Tyre Mounted Crane OperatorIES/Q01094
Wheel Loader OperatorIES/Q01054


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Associate-Customer Care (Non-Voice) Level 5SSC/Q22015
Collections Executive Level 4SSC/Q22144
CRM Domestic Non-Voice Level 4SSC/Q22114
CRM Domestic Voice Level 4SSC/Q22104
Domestic Bio-metric Data Operator Level 4SSC/Q22134
Domestic Data Entry Operator Level 4SSC/Q22124
Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant Level 4SSC/Q01104
Engineer Trainee Level 7SSC/Q42027
Junior Software Developer Level 4SSC/Q05084
Technical Support Executive-Non VoiceSSC/Q72015


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Cutter- FootwearLSS/Q32014
Cutter-Goods & GarmentsLSS/Q61034
Drum OperatorLSS/Q07014
Finishing Operator Level 4LSS/Q08034
Fleshing Operator Level 4LSS/Q01014
Helper – Bottom Making(Footwear) Level 2LSS/Q33012
Helper – Dry Operation(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/Q01012
Helper – Finished Operations(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/05012
Helper – Finishing Process(Leather Goods & Garments) Level 2LSS/Q62012
Helper – Finishing(Footwear) Level 4LSS/Q34014
Helper – Parts Making(Leather Goods & Garments) Level 2LSS/Q61022
Helper – Uppers Making(Footwear) Level 2LSS/Q31012
Helper – Wet Operations(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/Q04012
Helper-upper Making Level 2LSS/Q33012
Lasting Operator Level 4LSS/N38014
Lasting Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N38014
Moulding Operator Level 4LSS/N91014
Moulding Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N91014
Post Tanning Operator(Finished Leather) Level 4LSS/Q09014
Pre Assembly Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N36014
Shaving OperatorLSS/Q03014
Skiving Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N37014
Splitting – Sammying Operator(Finished Leather) Level 4LSS/Q08014
Stitcher (Footwear) Level 4LSS/N35014
Stitcher (Goods & Garments)LSS/Q61014
Stitching Operator (Footwear)LSS/Q35014

Life Sciences

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Medical Sales RepresentativeLFS/Q04014


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4LSC/Q11094
Consignment Booking AssistantLSC/Q11203
Consignment Tracking ExecutiveLSC/Q11213
Courier Delivery ExecutiveLSC/Q30233
Data Entry Operator Level 3LSC/Q23063
Documentation AssistantLSC/Q11224
Forklift OperatorLSC/Q21014
Goods Packaging Machine OperatorLSC/Q22164
Inventory ClerkLSC/Q21083
Kitting and LabellingLSC/Q23042
Loading SupervisorLSC/Q23143
Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Maintenance TechnicianLSC/Q23154
Reach Truck OperatorLSC/Q21114
Receiving AssistantLSC/Q21123
Transport ConsolidatorLSC/Q11194
Transport CoordinatorLSC/Q11184
Warehouse BinnerLSC/Q21053
Warehouse Claims CoordinatorLSC/Q21174
Warehouse PackerLSC/Q23033
Warehouse PickerLSC/Q21023
Warehouse Quality CheckerLSC/Q23133
Warehouse SupervisorLSC/Q23075

Media and Entertainment

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Character DesignerMES/Q05024
Clean-up ArtistMES/Q05063
Colour Key ArtistMESQ05053
Layout DesignerMES/Q05034
Lighting ArtistMES/Q04044
Make-up ArtistMES/Q18014
Production AssistantMES/Q28055
Rigging ArtistMESQ25024
Roto ArtistMES/Q35044
Set CarpenterMESQ31033
Set PainterMES/Q31043
Set PlastererMES/Q31063
Sound AssistantMESQ34033
Sound DesignerMES/Q34015
Sound EditorMES/Q34044
Sound EngineerMES/Q34024
Storyboard ArtistMES/Q05073
Texturing ArtistMES/Q25034
VFX EditorMES/Q35014
Voice-over ArtistMES/Q01014


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Mine SurveyorMIN/Q04264
Data Entry OperatorMIN/Q04254
Dumper/Tipper Operator Level 4MIN/Q04034
Excavator OperatorMIN/Q04044
Grader OperatorMIN/Q04304
HEMM MechanicMIN/Q04334
Loader OperatorMIN/Q04074
Mazdoor/Helper Level 1MIN/Q04081
Mechanic / FitterMIN/Q04063
Mining Shot Firer/BlasterMIN/Q04284
Persons Handling Explosives Level 3MIN/Q04053
Rig Mounted Drill OperatorMIN/Q04024
Safety OperatorMIN/Q04374
Sprinkler and Other Vehicle DriverMIN/Q04095
Wire Saw Operator Level 4MIN/Q04104


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Consumer Energy Meter TechnicianPSS/Q01073
Distribution LinemanPSS/Q01024
Lineman Construction- DistributionPSS/Q01084
Senior Lineman- DistributionPSS/Q01035
Technical Helper (Distribution)PSS/Q01012

Retailers Association

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Departmental Manager Level 6RAS/Q01066
Distributor SalesmanRAS/Q06044
Sales Associate Level 4RAS/Q01044
Store Ops AssistantRAS/Q01011
Team Leader Level 5RAS/Q01055
Trainee Associate Level 3RAS/Q01033


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Autoclave Operator Level 4RSC/Q02104
Bicycle/Rickshaw Tyre Building Operator-Mono BandRSC/Q05014
Compression Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02054
Continuous Foaming Machine OperatorRSC/Q17064
Extruder Operator Level 4RSC/Q06224
Finishing operator – Non-Tyre (Deflashing Inspection & Finishing)RSC/Q15024
Finishing operator – Tyre (Trimming Inspection & Finishing)RSC/Q15014
General Worker – Rubber PlantationRSC/Q61074
Injection Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02074
Internal Mixer Operator Level 4RSC/Q02014
Junior Rubber Technician Level 3RSC/Q08313
Latex Harvest Technician (Tapper)RSC/Q61034
Mill OperatorRSC/Q01014
Rubber Nursery BudderRSC/Q09354
Rubber Nursery Worker-GeneralRSC/Q09364
Rubber Product Assesmbler (Tyre Tube & Flap and other rubber products with end fittings)RSC/Q16043
Tyre / Tube repair (Tyre Care / Services)RSC/Q20024
Tyre Casing Inspection OperatorRSC/Q19014
Tyre Fitter Level 4RSC/Q20014
Tyre Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02114


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Armed Security GuardSSS/Q02014
Armed Security GuardSKS/Q02014
Security SupervisorSSS/Q03015
Unarmed Security GuardSSS/Q01014
Unarmed Security GuardSKS/Q01014

Green Jobs

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Solar Pv Installer – CivilSGJ/Q01034
Solar Pv Installer – ElectricalSGJ/Q01024
Solar Pv Installer (Suryamitra)SGJ/Q01014
Wastewater Treatment Plant HelperSGJ/Q66023
Wastewater Treatment Plant TechnicianSGJ/Q66014


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Fitness TrainerSPF/Q11024
Sports CoachSPF/Q11015
Sports MasseurSPF/Q11034


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Broadband TechnicianTEL/Q01024
Customer Care Executive (Call Centre) Level 4TEL/Q01004
Customer Care Executive (Relationship Centre)TEL/Q01014
Customer Care Executive (Repair Center) Level 4TEL/Q22004
Distributor Sales Rep Level 4TEL/Q21004
E-waste CollectorTEL/Q24003
Field Sales ExecutiveTEL/Q02004
Grass Root Telecom Provider (GRTP)TEL/Q62073
Handset Repair Engineer Level 2TEL/Q22014
In-Store Promoter Level 4TEL/Q21014
Optical Fiber Splicer Level 3TEL/Q64002
Tower Technician Level 4TEL/Q41004


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Autoconer TenterTSC/Q03014
Automatic Shuttle Loom OperatorTSC/Q22014
Balloon Squeezer Machine OperatorTSC/Q55014
Balloon Squeezer Machine Operator Level 4TSC/Q55014
Beam Carrier – LoaderTSC/Q26013
Blowroom OperatorTSC/Q01014
Calendaring Machine OperatorTSC/Q54024
Carding OperatorTSC/Q01024
Combing Operator Level 4TSC/Q01044
Combing Preparatory TenterTSC/Q01034
Compactor OperatorTSC/Q55034
Cone Winder Cum Pirn WinderTSC/Q73013
Cone Winding Operator – Manual & Assembly Winding Level 4TSC/Q03024
Continuous Range Operator Level 4TSC/Q51024
Drawframe OperatorTSC/Q01054
Drying Range Machine OperatorTSC/Q53024
Dyestuff & Chemical Preparation Operator Level 4TSC/Q52054
Fabric CheckerTSC/Q23014
Fabric MenderTSC/Q23023
Finishing Machine Operator (Zero-Zero/Compacting)TSC/Q54034
Fitter – Autoloom Weaving Machine Level 5TSC/Q24025
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: Air-JetTSC/Q24055
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: ProjectileTSC/Q24045
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: RapierTSC/Q24035
Fitter – Spinning PreparatoryTSC/Q04015
Fitter Weaving PreparatoryTSC/Q24015
Fitter Weaving Preparatory Level 5TSC/Q24015
Fitter Spinning Preparatory Level 5TSC/Q04015
Fitter-Post SpinningTSC/Q04035
Fitter-Ring SpinningTSC/Q04025
Folding Machine OperatorTSC/Q56014
Hank DyerTSC/Q71014
Jigger Machine OperatorTSC/Q52014
Knitting Machine FitterTSC/Q42015
Knitting Machine Operator Warp KnittingTSC/Q41034
Knitting Machine Operator Circular KnittingTSC/Q41014
Knitting Machine Operator Flat Bed Knitting Level 4TSC/Q41024
Knotting Machine OperatorTSC/Q22054
Oiler – Weaving Machine Level 3TSC/Q24063
Open-End Spinning TenterTSC/Q02034
Package Dyeing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52034
Packing CheckerTSC/Q05014
Pirn Winding Machine OperatorTSC/Q22064
Printing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52044
Relax Dryer OperatorTSC/Q55024
Ring Frame DofferTSC/Q02023
Ring Frame TenterTSC/Q02014
Screen Preparatory OperatorTSC/Q52064
Shuttleless Loom Weaver – RapierTSC/Q22034
Shuttle-less Loom Weaver-AirjetTSC/Q22044
Shuttle-less Loom Weaver-ProjectileTSC/Q22024
Singeing & Desizing Machine OperatorTSC/Q51014
Size MixerTSC/Q21024
Sizing Machine OperatorTSC/Q21034
Soft Flow Dyeing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52024
Speed Frame Operator Tenter & DofferTSC/Q01064
Stenter OperatorTSC/Q54014
TFO TenterTSC/Q03034
Two Shaft Handloom WeaverTSC/Q72014
Warper – Direct Warping MachineTSC/Q21014
Washing Range OperatorTSC/Q53014

Tourism & Hospitality

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Boat Jetty In-chargeTHC/Q76013
Cleaner Carpet and ChairTHC/Q57034
Commi 1THC/Q04055
Commis ChefTHC/Q04064
Dishwasher- Manual and MachineTHC/Q27011
Food & Beverage CaptainTHC/Q03066
Food & Beverage Service-Steward Level 4THC/Q03014
Front Office AssociateTHC/Q01024
Guest House CaretakerTHC/Q05015
Home Delivery BoyTHC/Q29023
Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) Level 3THC/Q02033
Kitchen StewardTHC/Q04012
Laundry Machine OperatorTHC/Q02054
Meet & Greet OfficerTHC/Q01014
Multi-cuisine CookTHC/Q30064
Pest ControllerTHC/Q57044
Restaurant-Counter Sale ExecutiveTHC/Q29034
Room Attendant Level 4THC/Q02024
Sous ChefTHC/Q04037
Street Food Vendor – StandaloneTHC/Q30074
Tandoor CookTHC/Q30013
Ticketing ConsultantTHC/Q43025
Tour GuideTHC/Q45024
Trainee chefTHC/Q27023
Travel ConsultantTHC/Q44044
Travel Insurance ExecutiveTHC/Q43013
Visa Assistance ConsultantTHC/Q43034

Courses Offered by Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

  • Iron and steel course
  • Role-playing course
  • Health care course
  • Green Jobs Course
  • Gems & Jewellery Course
  • Furniture and Fitting Course
  • Food Processing Industry Course
  • Electronics course
  • Construction course
  • Goods and Capital Course
  • Insurance, Banking and Finance Courses
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Automotive course
  • Apparel course
  • Retail course
  • Power industry course
  • Plumbing course
  • Mining course
  • Entertainment and Media Course
  • Logistics Course
  • Life science course
  • leather course
  • IT course
  • Skill Council for Persons with Disability Course
  • Hospitality and Tourism Course
  • Textiles Course
  • Telecom course
  • Security service course
  • Rubber course

Why enrol in Skill Development by PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana?

The Skill Development by PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana is an effort to give India’s young people the chance to learn new skills and get jobs. The plan, which started in 2016, has been successful in giving good training to more than 40 million candidates in different fields. The programme is run by a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach, which makes sure that candidates get training that is useful in their field.

If you join this programme, you will get free training to improve your skills, which will make you more employable. You will be taught by people who are qualified and have experience in their areas. The classes are made to meet the standards of the industry, which makes it easier for people to find jobs after they finish the course.

In addition to teaching technical skills, the plan also teaches “soft skills,” such as communication, teamwork, and getting along with other people.

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