Long & Short Essay on My Favourite Game Kho Kho in English

Long & Short Essay on My Favourite Game Kho Kho in English

When discussing well-known and classic games from India, kho-kho is always there. Students should know everything there is to know about a famous game. Students in grades 1, 2, and 3 can better understand kho-kho by writing an article about it. Writing essays is another good way for kids to improve their writing skills.

Kho-Kho is a game like Kabaddi, which is a tag game. The game comes from the Indian state of Maharashtra. There are 12 people on each team, each playing the game. Only nine of the 12 players are on the field simultaneously. The other three are on defence.

Most kids have played this game at school or with their friends in the neighbourhood. They will find it fun to write an essay about the game of kho-kho because it makes them feel happy and excited and brings back good memories.

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Key Points – My Favourite Game Kho Kho Essay in English

Most kids know the game and have probably played it with their friends. However, getting enough points to write a full essay on the game might be hard for them. Here are some important things they can think about when writing an essay about kho kho for lower primary school:

  • Recall important points
  • Make a first draft.
  • Put in some cool pictures.
  • Put the points in the correct order.
  • Use simple terms

10 Lines About Kho Kho Game for Kids

For kids in classes 1 and 2, the best way to write about kho kho would be in a 10-line essay. Here are 10 lines about the game of kho-kho that you can use as an example:

  1. Kho Kho is an old Indian game that many people like to play.
  2. Most of the time, Kho Kho is played on a rectangle-shaped area.
  3. In the game, each team has 12 people on it.
  4. A baseball game has two innings.
  5. Each team has seven minutes to score and seven minutes to stop the other team from scoring.
  6. The chasing team has eight people sitting in eight blocks with their faces turned in different directions.
  7. The ninth player on the team is a runner who is always on the move. The runner knocks out their opponents by touching them with their hands.
  8. The guards must play for seven minutes without the chaser touching them.
  9. Kho Kho is a great game for improving your mind.
  10. Kho Kho can also help players learn how to be good leaders.

Short Essay on “My Favorite Game Kho-Kho” in English for Children

With the help of a short article, kids can learn a lot about the well-known game. Here is a short article about kho kho written in English for kids:

Even though it might not be played much outside of India, kho kho is a traditional game there. It’s a simple game that doesn’t need much money to buy special gear. To play a game, you need to be in good physical shape. It’s a great way to improve your physical skills because you have to run, sit, and stand.

The person who gets tagged has to act quickly, which helps them improve their reflexes. Different things can be good for a person who plays kho kho. Kho Kho will keep the player’s body and mind in good shape.

Also, you have to pay more attention to the game. To play kho kho, all you need are comfortable sports clothes. This makes it a cheap game. In kho kho, there are several teams, and each team has 12 people on it. For seven minutes, one team is the chaser, and the other is the defence. Kho Kho is a great game that is becoming more well-known worldwide.

Long Essay for Kids on Kho Kho

Here is a long article for kids about kho kho. Children can use this as an example when writing an article for school or a contest:

The game is known worldwide for how easy it is to play. Since ancient times, it has been played in the Indian region. The game is now becoming more popular everywhere.

Kho Kho is a field game that can be considered part of India’s culture. People play the game in both small towns and big cities. The main reason why the game is so famous is that it is cheap. To play kho kho, you don’t need to do much. Because of this, it is also one of the games that kids play most often during their breaks. People can also play kho-kho in a park to pass the time.

Kho Kho is a tag game like Kabaddi. It goes back to the time of the Mahabharata and the state of Maharashtra. There have been hints about the game in the story. But the game’s rules have changed, and the new version is mostly based on how it was played during World War 1.

A game of kho kho is played by more than one team. Each team has 12 people on it. The team has nine current players, and the other three are defending players.

In kho kho, there are no age limits. People of different ages can play the game. It is played outside and needs many different strategies and plans.

Eight of the nine active players on the following team sit on the ground on their knees, and the ninth player becomes a chaser. For seven minutes, a player from the defending team has to run around the row of players sitting down without being caught by the runner. In the game, words like “pole,” “chaser,” “runner,” “central lane,” “cross lane,” “kho,” and “early getup” are used.

The field for kho kho is 27 meters long and 16 meters wide. One pole is on each side of the field, and the middle lane links the poles together. Eight crossroads go from one side to the other. To play kho kho, you need a whistle, a watch, a measuring tape, some paper, and boric powder, which is used to mark the board.

History of Kho Kho

In the Indian subcontinent, kho kho has long been a well-liked game, as we’ve already established. According to historical documents, the game has been played in India since the prehistoric era. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the game’s specific origins, Maharashtra is thought to be its likely birthplace.

The town was formerly called Rathera. The Indian epic Mahabharata makes mention of the game and its Rathera-based origins. Over time, the game has changed. The game’s current format has been heavily modified on the fashion prevalent during World War 1.

Benefits Of Playing Kho Kho For Kids

Players might gain from playing kho kho in several different ways. Kho Kho is a game that youngsters can play that has several advantages. Some of them are listed below.

  • The sport of kho kho is good for your health and fitness.
  • The intensive thinking required by the game helps the participants’ mental abilities.
  • The lack of pricey equipment needed for the game makes it very affordable.
  • Kho Kho encourages its players to be competitive, cooperative, and sportsmanlike.

What Lessons Does the Essay on Kho Kho Teach Your Child?

The simplest way to introduce kids to all the relevant material is through an essay-writing assignment. Children will learn several important concepts about the rules of the game of kho kho and a little bit about its history and what makes it special from the examples provided above. They can use these ideas to create their essay.

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