Intel Hiring for Fresher Software Engineer – GPU Development

Intel looking for Software Developer Engineer with excellent communication skills, familiarity C/C++/C , Python languages and embedded programming.

Job Designation : GPU Software Development Engineer

Qualification : Bachelor’s / Master’s degree

Skill Set :

  1. Sound knowledge of software development is critical. C#, C++, Python programming.
  2. Exposure to Windows Server OS and Virtualization.
  3. Good Understanding of webservices, REST API experience.
  4. Exposure to SQL Server database, Visual Studio IDE, Batch/PowerShell scripting.
  5. Experience with .Net technologies – C#, ASP.Net, IIS Web Server, Web Forms, WP
  6. Excellent problem-solving/triage/debugging skills.
  7. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  8. Familiarity with  Intel’s client platforms and related architecture.
  9. Flexible and eager to learn great team player.

Job Description :

  1. Responsible for leading and integrating E2E key critical graphics features for VTT Software and  Intel.
  2.  Driving Graphics SW feature health from pre-silicon to post silicon and driving the feature health both functionality and power/performance to critical debug from E2E view.
  3.  The role involves understanding feature architecture, driving E2E validation usages focused across Concurrency, reliability/Stress and Interoperability with focus on power/performance through scalable/automated infrastructure.
  4. Participating in feature summits/task forces within VTT SW and outside and helping our customers productize key value-added graphics features across Windows will be required.
  5. Ability to scale across E2E Display, Media, 3D, Compute and power conversation, cross Component Stress and overall UX focus will require a deep understanding of OS architecture, GEN graphics architecture, graphics drive software architecture and power and performance goals.
  6. Develop and enable cutting edge E2E Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Media Workloads on next generation Graphics Platforms.
  7. Ability to Triage and Debug of E2E test failures and drive issue resolution with software and hardware development team
  8. Working with key partners in VTT software and hardware architecture, development, debug and validation and silicon validation.
  9. Responsible for providing internal and external feedback to implement upcoming graphics features in yet-to-be-released OSes to ensure our hardware and software will function and perform as expected on next generation platforms as well as designing/developing/implementing graphics system-level software for future platforms.
  10. Develop automation tests, execute tests and open sightings when issues are found. Manage WHQL automation system including automated execution and submission services.

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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